Each bag of KITU keeps the natural character of its ingredients; our small-scale farmers delicately grow our vegetables in a sustainable way.

After the process of peeling and cutting into thin slices, we handmade the chips in a unique way thanks to “OUR SECRET”, to be finally packed in a natural atmosphere with pure Andean mountain air.

This long journey allows us to offer you a new snack concept completely different from what you have known until now.

Exotic Vegetable Mix

A colorful mix of andean and tropical vegetables

Size: 70g y 450g

Andean Sweet Potato Mix

Delicious mix of purple and orange sweet potatoes

Size: 50g y 450g

Andean Vegetables Mix

Exquisite mix of andean vegetables

Size: 28g

Native Andean Potato Mix

Mix of millenary andean potato

Size: 450 g

Our Secret = Kettle Cooked + 2500 Meters

We make our snacks in small batch at 2,500 meters above the sea level, the perfect altitude where the atmospheric pressure is lower and allows us to:

  • Reduce the cooking temperature
  • Reduce the fat content in the chips
  • Preserve the properties, colors and natural taste of every single vegetable slide

Our Exotic Ingredients

Andean Beetroot

Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and C. We cultivate it in the Andean paramos at 2,800 meters above sea level.

Andean Orange Sweet Potato

This Variety has more than 5000 years of history in the Andean region, rich in potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin A and C. It helps to maintain a healthy immune system. We cultivate it at 2,400 meters above sea level.

Andean Purple Sweet Potato

Traditional Andean crop, rich in potassium, complex carbohydrates, beta-carotenes, vitamin A and C.  We cultivate it at 2600 meters above sea level

Andean White Carrot

Unique Andean  carrot variety, it is rich in fiber and proteins.
 We grow it at 2100 meters above sea level.

Tropical Cassava

Rich in calcium, fiber, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. We grow it 600 meters above sea level.

Green Plantain

Cultivated on the Ecuadorian Pacific coast at 800 meters above sea level.   Rich in potassium and magnesium.


is the healthly alternative so you can continue eating as you think.

  • Gluten free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Trans fat free
  • Palm Oil-free
  • No added sugars
  • NON GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
  • Preservatives and additives free
  • Low in salt
  • Fat content reduced
  • Monosodium glutamate free
  • Totally natural colors
  • Free from the main 14 food allergens
  • Packed with pure Andean mountain air (Unique natural atmosphere)


allows you to exercise your right to think about your health and the planet’s

Our snacks are free from genetically modified organisms (GMO), such as plants and animals, which have been created or altered by genetic engineering.

Our snacks are gluten-free and can be consumed by celiac or gluten-sensitive people.
V-Label is a certification for those that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians people.

The word Kosher means “pure”, certifies that our vegetables are free of insecticides or transgenic crops and complies with Jewish standards.

A socio-economic movement that foment the adoption of healthy life habits around three fundamental axes: food, physical activity, and emotional health.

Direct Trade and Sustainable Trade

It is an initiative that promotes an ethical and responsible connection between farmers and final consumers, without intermediaries. This is the way how we create a “shared value” between the two parts.

¿What does shared value mean?

Our raw material comes from small-scale farmers with whom we do a direct trade. In this way, the remuneration that the intermediaries would receive is destined, on the one hand, to increase the price that is paid for the raw material to the producers, and on the other to invest in I+D in technical development programs of the field.

We contribute to improve their production, to obtain better product quality, and especially to take care of the environment. In addition, we also encourage gender mainstreaming, integrating women into the entire processing chain, even more than 30% of our producers are women.


We promote good agricultural practices beetwen our small-scale farmers and thus avoid negative impacts on the environment, these are based on:

  • Soils conservation
  • Sowing native vegetables
  • Natural Fertilizers
  • Natural pesticides