With a few simple ingredients we can make our own vanilla ice cream to enjoy it natural with andean sweet potatoes or green plantain chips. A different combination that you will love.



300ml of whipping cream

300ml of whole milk

1 vanilla pod

80g of sugar

4 egg yolks

15g of andean sweet potato or banana chips Kitu



Cut the vanilla pod and use a knife to remove the seeds. Use a pot to pour the milk, yolks, sugar, vanilla seeds and the empty pod into over medium heat to enhance the flavour. Remove constantly to dissolve the sugar and prevent the buds from congealing. Do not leave to boil, so when they start fizzing let´s remove from heat and pour the mixture into a bowl. Add the cream and mix everything. Place the mixture in a recipient and store it in the freezer. After 30 minutes, remove constantly the mixture. Freeze 30 minutes more and remove it again. Leave it to freeze at least 4 hours to serve and accompany it with Kitu´s andean sweet potato or green plantain chips.


Helado de vainilla gourmet con batatas andinas o chips de plátano