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Discover our vegetable chips in all the sizes:
Hostelry and retail.
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Discover our vegetable chips in all the sizes: Hostelry and retail.
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Our snacks' vegetables

Our snacks are an exclusive selection of exotic vegetables, grown at 0-0-0 latitude, on the equatorial line. Our range of snacks includes 4 different types of snacks. All vegetables are grown with sustainable techniques by small local farmers. The 4 varieties are presented in different sizes, ideal for restaurants and hotels, but also for delicatessens or gourmet shops. Try our snacks and let yourself be surprised by our range of natural healthy chips.

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  • Andean sweet potato mix

    Mix of orange and purple Andean sweet potato, 2 traditional Andean varieties with a sweet flavor and 5000 years of history.

    - Does not contain added salt.
    - With sunflower oil.

    50 g bags in boxes of 24 units.
    450 g bags in boxes of 5 units.
  • Exotic vegetables mix

    Mix of five Andean and tropical vegetables : green plantain, white carrot, cassava, purple sweet potato and beetroot.

    - With a pinch of sea salt.
    - With sunflower oil.

    70 g bags in boxes of 24 units.
    450 g bags in boxes of 5 units.
  • Andean vegetables mix

    Selection of our three Andean vegetables : white carrot, beetroot and orange sweet potato.

    - With a pinch of sea salt.
    - With sunflower oil.

    28 g bags in boxes of 12 units.

The vegetables of our snacks

The vegetables that fill each bag of Kitu keep their natural character.

How ? In Kitu, we eleborate our snacks in small batches at 2,500 meters above sea level.
It is the perfect altitude where the atmospheric pressure is lower and it allows us to :
- Reduce the cooking temperature.
- Reduce the fat content.
- Keep the color and natural flavor of each vegetable.

In addition, our vegetables are grown delicately in a sustainable way by small local farmers.

  • Green Plantain

    Grown on the Pacific coast of Ecuador at 800 meters altitude. High in potassium and magnesium.
  • Andean White Carrot

    A unique variety of the Andean mountains, it is high in fiber and protein. We grow it at 2100 meters altitude.
  • Tropical Cassava

    High in calcium, fiber, iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. We grow it at 600 meters altitude.
  • Andean Purple Sweet Potato

    Traditional culture of the Andean mountains, high in potassium, complex carbohydrates, beta-carotenes, vitamins A and C. We cultivate it at 2600 meters of altitude.
  • Andean Orange Sweet Potato

    Variety of sweet potato with more than 5000 years of history in the Andean region, rich in potassium, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins A and C. It helps to keep a healthy immune system. We grow it at 2400 meters altitude.
  • Andean Beetroot

    High in antioxidants, vitamins A and C. We grow it in the Andean mountains at 2,800 meters above sea level.

Naturally healthy snacks

Each bag of Kitu preserves the natural character of its ingredients, our vegetables are cultivated with care in a sustainable way by small local farmers.

After the process of peeling and cutting into thin slices, we elaborate the chips in a unique way, thanks to "our secret", to finally pack them in a natural atmosphere in the andean mountains.

This long trip allows us to offer you a new concept of snack very different from what can find nowadays.

Gluten free

In the factory where Kitu products are manufactured, there are not other kind of products. This snacks do not contain gluten or traces. They also have a certification that indicates they have less than 5 ppp (particles per million), just nothing.

Free from trans fat

Trans fat is a type of fat that forms when the liquid oil is turned into solid fat. Our vegetable snacks are cooked at low temperature, thus avoiding the appear of trans fat.

Free from GMO

GMOs are obtained by genetic modification of plants. Our vegetables are 100% natural, hand picked by small farmers.

Free from colorants and preservatives

In our vegetable snacks you will never find a preservative or additive to hide a raw material of low quality. Snacks, as we present them, are healthy and natural products.

Low in salt

A diet too rich in sodium can be harmful. Kitu’s vegetable snacks contain almost no salt, such as the sweet potato where the rate does not exceed 1%, almost 10 times less than the normal snacks you can find.

No added sugar

Sugars are naturally found in the fruits (fructose) and it is necessary for our body. In our snacks, you will not find any added sugars, the nature is smart and we trust it.

Allergen-free food

Allergens are innocuous substances that harm the immune system. Kitu vegetable snacks do not contain any of the 14 official allergens.

Slow food

Kitu vegetable crisps are handcrafted at low temperature, avoiding the formation of acrylamides and preserving a spectacular crisp.

Free from palm oil

Kitu Snack vegetables are made from unrefined sunflower oil; it is the most natural and neutral in the world to allow you to taste our unique snacks.

Kitu are your vegetable snacks.
Naturally healthy!