The Project

is the name given by the Incas to The Middle of the World, where the most exotic nature grows. This word comes from de ancient Quichua language, which gave the origin of the Quito city capital of Ecuador.

This place is located at 0-0-0 latitude, which means on the Equatorial Line, a place with unique climatic conditions, which promote the growth of our exotic vegetables throughout the whole year, that is how we are going one-step further.

On the other hand, our project seeks to share its value chain with all the persons who are involved in it, on the same way, we want to offer you an experience of flavors, colors, and values that you can enjoy while savoring every single    bag.

offer you a healthy snacking between meals, a very special concept of snacks, thought for the:  Andean small farmers, the communities where our snacks are made and for a better future of our planet.

The Team

The   team is made up of two people with different knowledge and experiences, who come together to create a different project concept, aware of the people’s health and improve our planet.

An agronomist and a social worker, a perfect mix of experiences and concerns, that is crucial to give rise to this visionary project.